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Our bundles are the perfect way to introduce your love of rum to friends and family.

Please note we package our mixers separately to avoid breakages, so your order may arrive in more than one box.


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Enjoy your Merser Signature Rum with 4 Fever Tree Mixers.

Choose from either Fever Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale, Fever Tree Madagascan Cola or Fever Tree Ginger Ale.

Or Try our selection of mixers, including at least one of each.

Our bundles include 1 bottle of Merser Signature Rum and 4 Fever Tree mixers.


Sweet tropical notes with lingering oaked spice


Tropical fruits, soft toffee and oaky sweetness.

43.1% ABV

Available in 70cl bottle

plus 4 x Fever Tree Mixers 200ml

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